The ECO-SOLID RECYCLE Process is a continuous sludge stabilization process suitable for treating all types of sewage sludge. The process produces an enhanced treated biosolid product (or a Class A/Exceptional Quality product according to the USA Environmental Protection Agency 503 definition).

Unlike conventional sludge stabilization processes using quicklime /anhydrous calcium oxide, the ESR produces a consistently high quality product, and releases no nuisance odors. The ESR does not require any external heating to produce an enhanced treated sludge product.

The ESR has been developed from its commercial first series processes in the USA, where this technology is well established and units are being operated at full scale with proven performance. A picture of the system is shown to the right.

Technical information:
  • The ESR Process comprises mixing the dewatered sludge and calcium oxide (quicklime) in a hopper which is then transferred into a continuous plug-flow reactor.

Operational Performance:
  • The ESR Process results in high solids product with little or no odor, reduced sludge volume, microbiologically inert product, treated biosolids with reduced concentrations of volatile solids, water extractable phosphates, and nitrates.

Advantages and Benefits:
  • The ESR Process is a highly efficient process for the treatment of sewage and related sludges in order to produce a sludge product of the highest quality and handleability for agricultural use.

Marketable Products:
  • In addition to being cost-effective and simple to operate the ESR Process, through beneficial recycling, produces two marketable products.
  • The end product is an Enhanced Quality (Class A/Advanced Treatment) product which meets all regulations in Europe and the US.


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