Our Team
Our expertise in chemical engineering, intellectual property development and commercialization is extensive.  Our domestic position and international industrial recognition and portfolio of patents, patents pending, proprietary and proven technologies are the foundation and strength that has elevated Missing Link Technology, LLC to a position of market leader in the alternative energy, biomass and energy sectors.  Our contributions and breakthroughs in technology will be shepherded by an experienced and dedicated group of executives.
Tommie Merimon - Board Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

  • Tommie founded and is currently the CEO of Missing Link Technology, LLC., a woman owned Biofuels Company.  She is an entrepreneur with more than 20 years of diverse management experience and has held a variety of positions in business, healthcare and law.  In 2007, with private funding she founded Missing Link Technology, LLC to exploit cutting edge, patented and patent pending technologies in the biofuels and alternative energy markets. She is also a director to Cheltonia, a UK technology company.  In her former career, Tommie was a Director for a large national healthcare company where she was responsible for the risk management and claims department for many years.  She has extensive experience covering research, consulting and training.  Tommie lives in Houston, Texas with her husband and enjoys spending time with her 5 grandchildren.  [email protected]

James A. Hooper – President & Chief Financial Officer

  • Jim is an entrepreneur, business owner and strategy consultant.  His wide-ranging and extensive background includes leading the finance and strategy disciplines for large corporations such as Edison International and has served entire organizations in the role of President and Chief Financial Officer in small to mid-sized firms in the energy, construction management, infrastructure, telecommunications, retail, hospitality, and the technology development and commercialization sector.  He has over 20 years of progressive experience in all aspects of finance, strategy, new venture development, planning & analysis, capital raising, construction management, contracts and management.  He received his Master’s in Business Administration with a concentration on Entrepreneurship and Finance from the University of Southern California and his Bachelor’s of Science in Finance and Business Law from Cal Poly University.  Jim resides in Houston, Texas and is involved in organizations supporting inner-city business development opportunities and is a Board Member of numerous profit and non-profit ventures.
  [email protected]
Samuel L. Shepherd – Chief Technology Officer

  • Sam is an internationally recognized inventor and entrepreneur.  He currently specializes in the development and commercialization of leading edge technologies in the Water and Alternative Energy Industries. He holds degrees in Chemistry/Physics including a B.S in Chemical Engineering and a Masters in Environmental Engineering.  He holds a Lifetime Fellow Status at the American College of Forensic Examiners with a Class III Certification in Homeland Security, with specialties in WMD and COBRA (Chemical Ordinance, Biological and Radiologic Armaments). Sam has over 37 years experience in the Petro-Chemical, Polymer Research, Alternative Energy and Wastewater Industries. Sam has authored over 30 US and International patents and patents pending and numerous proprietary technologies. He has served in executive positions with Gulf Oil Chemicals, Air Products and Chemicals, Bioset Inc. and  Holloman Corporation. He also worked as a consultant to Department of Defense through its teams for the development and commercialization of Biofuels and Alternative Energy in the “algae to oil” DARPA program.  Sam lives in Houston with his wife and in his spare time, he likes to travel and is a part time paleontologist searching for fossils in Wyoming.   [email protected]

Charles E. O. Anderson – Director of Strategic Planning & Analysis

  • Charles is the Managing Partner and founder of Sophia Partners, LLC, an entrepreneurial investment fund. Prior to founding Sophia Partners, Charles founded and operated Pacific Investment & Loan, Inc. As a Director of Missing Link Technology, LLC, Charles primarily focuses his efforts on initiating strategic relationships and general financial planning and analysis.  Charles earned his BA in Communication/Advertising with an emphasis in Management graduating cum laude from San Diego State University and his MBA from Stanford’s Graduate School of Business. Charles currently lives in the Bay Area with his wife where he is also involved  with of the Bay Area Rescue Mission, a nonprofit organization.     [email protected]

Sean O’Hanlon – Director of Marketing and Public Relations

  • Sean is a serial Entrepreneur and consultant for 20 years to multi-million dollar International  Business ventures throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. His knowledge base about biofuels is as broad as it is deep and he has spent a good portion of his career developing coalitions. He has the dedication, knowledge, experience, talent, connections, and skills needed to help the organization reach its goals. He is one of those very rare individuals who combine deep insight with clear strategies to get the job done. A genuine creative problem solver, both at the technical and the political levels, he employs tactics that are both practical and effective in the near term, with results for the long term objectives. He brings an invaluable level of expertise to our projects through his experience and these skills will be essential to the success of our company..            [email protected]

Sharon Merimon - Executive Assistant and Office Manager 

  • Sharon's business career has covered a variety of sectors including real-estate, human resources and finance.  Her experience has included billing, payroll, insurance and property management.  Sharon maintains and oversees the day to day functions of the MLT office which includes accounts receivable/payable, banking duties and tracking office expenses. She is also responsible for the Intellectual Property maintenance and creating monthly business reports. Sharon and her husband reside in Houston, Texas and are the proud parents of  3 boys.  [email protected]